Open denar deposits (FLEXI) Archive

Open denar deposits (FLEXI)

Flexi deposit is open type of deposit and the client can deposit and redraw money during its term period.

The term period of Flexi is at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.

The client can make number of deposits, but can redraw maximum 20% during the month.

The interest rate is calculated at the maturity date or it can be collected monthly.

1. Denar deposits (Flexy) opened after 01.07.2017 to 31.08.2020

TermType of interest rateInterest rate
6 months Fixed0,50%
12 monthsFixed1,00%
18 monthsFixed1,50%
24 months Fixed2,00%

2. Denar deposits (Flexy) opened after 01.09.2020

TermType of interest rateInterest rate
6 months Fixed0,10%
12 monthsFixed0,60%
18 monthsFixed1,10%
24 months Fixed1,60%

3. Denar deposits (Flexy) opened after 01.12.2022

TermType of interest rateInterest rate
6 months Fixed0,65%
12 monthsFixed1,10%
18 monthsFixed1,50%
24 months Fixed2,00%

4. Denar deposits (Flexy) opened after 01.02.2024-31.03.2024

TermType of interest rateInterest rate
6 months Fixed0,40%
12 monthsFixed0,80%
18 monthsFixed1,30%
24 months Fixed1,80%

*The interest rates of deposits are annual.
*The interest rates of deposits opened after 01.07.2017 are fixed.

Note: All deposits opened as to 30.06.2017 and opened after 01.07.2017 and the ones that are due after 01.07.2017 will have with fixed interest rate that is valid at the moment of rollover of deposits.

Deposit Insurance Fund indemnifies deposits in denar counter value up to 30.000€.