Our visual identity standards

Institutions, like individuals, can have a persona or an identity.

As identity is important for a person, it is also an essential part of the institution’s success. Identity, whether institutional or personal, is based on things like values (or principles) held, actions taken, purposes pursued,projected image and the alignment of all these things called “integrity.” Institutions should care about, cultivate and maintain their identities because it is nothing less than refl ection of their character, their reputation and their future.

Identity in the institutional sense, the so called “brand” perspective, is understood through three “channels”: voice, vision and action (what you say, how you look and how you act). The standards we have established primarily address the visual channel, or in other words,the institutional appearance as it is communicated in logos, visual symbols, color, stylized typography and “iconographic” elements. All of these visual communication entities must be coordinated and related back to the one foundational and defi ning idea of institutional identity.

A clear understanding of the visual elements and how they work together forms the foundationfor a successful brand identity.

With standardization of the visual identity we aim to provide that understanding with clarity and details needed for those managing and using the visual brand assets of the Savings House Mozhnosti.

Visual identity standards