Loan for all purpose

Purposefor owners of private companies, disbursed to phisical persons
Target AudienceSmall and medium sized businesses in production, trade and services, tourism and construction activities
AmountUp to 1.800.000 MKD/30.000 EUR
Repayment periodup to 95 months
Grace period0 months
Nominal interest rate6%-6,9% annual fixed   
Management fee MPU
0.258% 0.301% (monthly)
Rate of total costs from 12.75%
Other loan costsBill of exchange in amount of 100 – 500 MKD depending on the loan amount
Current interest depending on the loan disbursement
Collateralwith quarantors or depozit or mortgage
Adapted to client needs
DisbursmentSavings account or transaction account


Loan amountInterest rateTermFeeManagement feeInstallmentTCRBill of exchange
400.000 MKD6,9%60 months0.75%0,258%8.934MKD13.245%500 MKD

The total amount the client pays according to the example is 539.540,00 MKD.

The example is based upon disbursement at the begining of the month (1-st).

Only you have to do is fill out an application form or apply by the on-line application

Rate of total costs (RTC) as to 31.12.2023

The Savings house reserves the right to refuse the application of the applicant.
The Savings house reserves the right to change the terms without prior notice.

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