Denar deposits

Denar deposits

The denar deposit is:

·         deposit at sight
·         term deposit

The term period of this deposit is at 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, and 36 mounths.

The client can deposit minimum 50,00 МКД for the denar deposit at sight.
The client can deposit minimum 1.000,00 МКД for the term denar deposit.

The interest rate is calculated at the maturity date or it can be collected monthly.

1. Denar deposits opened from 01.04.2024

TermType of interest rateInterest rate
At sightFixed0,02%
 1 monthFixed0,05%
 3 monthsFixed0,10%
 6 monthsFixed0,30%
 12 monthsFixed1,10%
 24 monthsFixed2,10%
 36 monthsFixed2,60%

*The interest rates of deposits are annual.
*The interest rates of deposits opened after 01.07.2017 are fixed.

Note: All deposits opened as to 30.06.2017 and opened after 01.07.2017 and the ones that are due after 01.07.2017 will have fixed interest rate that is valid at the moment of rollover of deposits.

The total deposits of the deponents in the Savings House are insured in the Deposit Insurance Fund. The Fund indemnifies the total deposits per depositor (EMBG), but not more than MKD equivalent of EUR 30,000 in a bank, branch of a foreign bank or savings house, calculated at the middle exchange rate of the NBRM. The stated amount calculates the principal of the deposit, the accrued interest, as well as the unpaid interest until the day of the final decision, in accordance with the Law on Deposit Insurance Fund.

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