Denar deposits indexed for euro

This type of deposit is only open type of deposit. The term poriod is at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.

The client can deposit minimum 1.000,00 МКД for the denar deposit indexed for euro..

The interest rate is calculated at the maturity date or it can be collected monthly.

There is indexation in case of denar devaluation for more than 5% according to the medium exchange rate of NBRM.

Note:  The denar deposit indexed for euro will not be collected after 01.07.217. The exsisting denar deposits indexed for euro after the rollover from 01.07.2017 onwards will have the following interest rates:

TermType of interest rateInterest rate
6 monthsFixed0,75%
12 monthsFixed1,50%
18 monthsFixed1,75%
24 monthsFixed2,00%

Deposit Insurance Fund indemnifies deposits in denar counter value up to 30.000€.

General terms for working with phisical persons deposits