Antovski Angel


Philosopher with great love for beautiful flowers

   We are honored to present you the success story of the client Antovski Angel, in which Moznosti Savings House fully realizes its mission.

   With the help of the savings house, the client started and expanded his business in the field of floriculture, and in a period of 17 years he managed to turn it into a large and successful business, well recognizable in the area where the client lives, and beyond.

    Today, this business consists of a large number of flower pots with greenhouses, which Angel and his team take care of with special attention and dedication throughout the year. 

 Antovski Angel is an academic citizen or, as he would say himself, a “philosopher who deals with flowers.” This business in his family has a tradition of 22 years. His love for flowers was inherited by his father, who was engaged in the business of flowers. Even during his student days, Angel helped his father, so that in addition to the books from the Faculty of Philosophy, he also studied the professional literature in the field of floriculture.

After his studies, he decided not to continue working according to his profession, he focused on his greater love and inspiration – the beautiful flowers.

Today, its flower greenhouses are located in the area of Singelic and cover 3,000 m2 of land, each greenhouse with a different type of flower that requires painstaking care and special attention at any time of the year.

   He believes that the success of this business consists of several key things, and that means great love and commitment to beautiful flowers, and perseverance in the realization of vision and ideas, as well as trust and harmony among employees.

Based on these principles, Angel’s business has been operating all these years, making progress in its work and ensuring prosperity in life.

It is an interesting fact that he is the first producer of cyclamen in Macedonia.

   – I started doing this business at a young age when I was helping my father sell flowers. In the meantime, it was from my father that I learned about the Moznosti Savings House. The name itself attracted me, “to give you an opportunity”. However, one should know how to use it and make the idea a reality, says Angel. – This thought gave me the courage to address the branch office in Aerodrom and to take the first steps for raising a loan for the realization of my business goal – raising a greenhouse, for which I used the first loan.

I can say with great pleasure that today, in Moznosti Savings House, I am using the ninth loan. The raised loans are intended for my business, ie for the purchase of working capital and fixed assets, as follows: seed materials, flower pots for the upcoming seasons, purchase of nylon and foil equipment. Following the trends in this area of ​​activity, I facilitated the work by installing a heating system in the greenhouses, as well as a drip irrigation system. All the loans I took out were purposeful and contributed to positive changes in my business, which are manifested by the expansion of greenhouses from 300 m2 of land to 3,000 m2.  

   I have many years of experience with Moznosti Savings House and I invest all the funds I gain from the business in it. The main goal is to continuously invest in the business and increase the workload, to be one step ahead of the competition, which means constant innovations in terms of new types of flowers throughout the year, different range of colors, etc. In this business I work with seed production of flowers, as well as with seedlings according to in vitro concept, ie multiplication of several seedlings from one mother plant by vegetative way. This reduces the growing period, which means that in a month and a half you get a quality product ready for sale.

The greenhouses are supplied with over 35 items of flowers throughout the year, for each season a different type of flower that corresponds to the period of the year.

Antovski Angel is recognizable for following the trends and has a specific attitude towards his clients. Kindness, hospitality and human approach to each of his clients is what contributes to building long-term relationships with his associates.

The flowers he grows can be afforded by anyone who has heard of his work. This means that his clients are people from the surrounding local population, to large companies that need floral decorations on the interior and exterior. It is interesting that his wholesale associates with the purchase of flowers receive a set of services, from suitable flowers for a special place, to an independent system for irrigation of flowers, which facilitates the work on its maintenance.

Angel and his staff are always here to give advice to those who buy his flowers because they strive to make every customer a loyal and long-term customer.

   He is especially happy that his small business has turned into a big and recognizable brand in the city and that with its expansion he has contributed to providing a livelihood for more families.

As Angel says, it is enough for a person to have his own vision and goal, but also a desire to achieve it. As proof, the story of his beginnings in flower arranging is a source of inspiration. Namely, with only a small table, near the market in Aerodrom in Skopje, he managed to sell all the flowers from his first greenhouse. Here, his kindness and skill in sales helped him, and, according to Angel, in addition to a quality product, interactive communication with each individual customer is also important. From that small place, people first heard about Angel and his flowers, which will further adorn a number of important bars in the city and beyond. 

In addition, the positive changes in the business provided sufficient funds to meet the personal needs of the Antovski family.

– What means the most to me is that Moznosti Savings house met my needs in the period when I needed it the most, so I managed to realize my business goals continuously, for years.

The employees of the savings house knew from the very beginning to understand his work psychology, first understanding Angel as a person, and then as a businessman and persistent hard worker with steel will, dedication and perseverance in work, which ultimately contributes to fulfilling his goal. purpose. His success is also a success of Moznosti Savings House.

All these facts contribute the client to recommend the Savings House Moznosti to his friends and to present it as a financial institution that focuses on the client and his needs. Verbal advertising is one of the most powerful tools in marketing and its effect is multiple.

This success story and several similar ones are imperative for us in our work and the whole team of Moznosti Savings House strives to provide as many such success stories as possible.