Savings House Moznosti celebrates its 20th anniversary




With special honor and pride we inform you that May 2020 is the month when the Savings House celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Twenty years of experience is a great treasure and all these years we have been growing and building a stable institution for our citizens, clients and associates.

From 2000 when it was founded until today, guided by the mission of free initiative, individual creativity and personal responsibility of all of us and the vision of a better world and happier people, the savings house is recognizable for the role of supporter of all those in need of financial support for their good business ideas ….

The savings house serves micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that belong to the trade, services and manufacturing sectors, as well as individuals to whom it offers financial products and services such as savings.

The foundations of our business policy are based on constant innovation and the introduction of new products and services, by following the trends and recognizing the needs of the market.

Savings House Moznosti with its activity participates in building the future of each of its customers and in the stability and economic prosperity of the country. For us, for the Savings House, in order for such a reality to be successful, every individual and every effort is important.

Customers are at the forefront of all priorities in our operations and all innovations are related to their and our common interests.

With a good housekeeping policy, we open the doors to new opportunities and higher results.

We have been moving together for 20 years:

✓Greater support for business ideas

✓Access to start-up capital

✓New jobs

✓Financial inclusion

✓Support for family businesses

✓Support of farmers

✓ Support for employees, pensioners and students

 ✓Security of deposits

Let’s move together for many more years!