Todor Spasev


Formation of a mini encyclopedia of Macedonian products

The challenge for the initial idea for the realization of the EKARTA project was the daily Google search and the impossibility for Macedonian products and companies to appear for certain products. “When searching for some specific products, foreign websites and companies appear very often, so it is necessary as a user to insert the suffix .mk or to write with Macedonian support. So I bought the domain in .mk and started thinking about the realization of a project that will be a mini encyclopedia of all products in Macedonia “- says Mr. Spasev Todor, owner of EKARTA.

Today EKARTA is an internet marketing agency that deals with digital marketing, software development, web design, hosting, sale of ready-made websites for certain keywords, ie sale of products with the best quality.

The innovation is that on the website we have developed a platform through which companies can themselves (without technical knowledge) create a website with their own name or in a subdomain of vo .mk, choose a design from 340 ready-made templates ( template) and the ability to manage presentation or sales products themselves. For faster first appearance on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. the platform is technically ready to meet the most important prerequisites, such as:

– the keyword contains the name of the website, for example vrati.; – technically optimized code, there is no need for technical knowledge to create an optimized website;

– the created website has a mobile version with Bootstrap technology; – search engine optimization included; –

– usefulness of the content, the description is a mini encyclopedia for each product so that the content is unique and useful for the search engines users of the product.

In the future we plan to develop connection with social networks through an additional service information portal, advertiser, customer support service, joint store of all products from all subdomains, which would expand the offer of quality products and services, would realize new innovative projects , the team would be expanded and continuous financial growth of the company would be ensured. “In order for a business idea to be successful, it is important for the business to provide sufficient finances for the team and investors, without much stress and implementation problems. “But to realize this, a lot of hard work is needed.” Spasev, owner of EKARTA “.

With the help of the loan from Moznosti we created an application for electronic payment and an application CREATOR OF WEBSITES IN. MK with 340 professional templates, optimized for all devices and simple updating and maintenance WITHOUT technical knowledge. The order is made on the website “The professional approach of the employees and the short procedure for arranging the documentation contributed to get the necessary finances in the fastest time. The cooperation with Moznosti Savings House is successful from the very beginning and we plan to keep it in the long run “.