Ejupi Refet


When tradition turns into a successful business

We are honored to tell you the success story of the client Ejupi Refet who greeted us with pride and a smile and allowed us to share the occupation of his family, Livestock – Cow Breeding. Ejupi Refet from the village of Forino was born into a typical rural family that has traditionally been engaged in agriculture, i.e. cultivating the land and raising cattle. He was involved in the activity from an early age. He inherited the dairy business from his father, who still helps him with his work.

Refet’s activity is animal farming, i.e. dairy farming and sale of calves. It has its own barn fully adapted to the number of cattle. The entire machinery it uses serves to cultivate the land as well as to assist in growing fodder for the cattle. The client is a registered farmer and cooperates with a private dairy, where he gives up to 100 liters of milk per day.

“For a successful business, the most important characteristic is to love what you do and the same to relax and motivate you to be involved,” says Refet. Specifically for this business, the fact that it is fully owned by it and is characterized by a long and inherited tradition has a positive effect. All members of the immediate family are fully involved in the business. “Although it requires a lot of effort, if the work is well managed, a good outcome can be achieved. “Livestock is currently a very profitable area with a stable purchase price for milk, and advanced machinery and state subsidies contribute to its facilitation and development,” said Refet.

The cooperation with Moznosti started in 2008 through the promotion of employees employed in the Gostivar branch, when the client took out the first agricultural loan. At the very beginning, even when the first loan was approved, the client had a small barn and a very small percentage of what he owns today as capital. With the approved funds from the savings house Moznosti, the investments have increased over the years and all this has had a positive impact on the development of the business.

In the eleven years of cooperation with the loans approved by Moznosti, the client procured basic herds of cows and machinery, a grinding machine, a corn harvester, etc. “I am very grateful for the help from Moznosti Savings House and I am satisfied with the service that the employees have provided me for many years. “I encourage all young people who want to work and earn to get involved in this branch of agriculture” – says Refet