Educational Center Sonce


Love for children in the first place

“The initial idea for the establishment of EC SONCE was to establish an institution that would help parents with the educational part and provide care for children,” said the director of the center Sanja Petrovska.

The concept was to provide them with a special place where the children will be taken care of and which will not be in a classic school style with children sitting on benches.

The educational center SONCE today is a set of several activities that contribute to maximum education and socialization of children. Several programs are included – child development, foreign languages ​​(English, French and German), informatics and art, as well as a program for ballet, guitar and drums.

The main feature of their learning is “learning through play” which successfully realizes the psychological progress of children from an early age. “The business that has achieved its goals for us is successful. Everyone has a different perception of what and how much they can achieve in a given time. We are pleased with how SONCE has evolved over the years. We will continue to work hard with the hope of greater achievements “, says Ms. Petrovska, Director of EC SONCE.

Success is inevitable if you work with love and commitment to work, perseverance in the realization of vision and ideas, as well as trust and harmony among employees. EC SONCE is recognizable for following the trends as well as for the kindness, hospitality and human approach to the youngest. It contributes to building long-term relationships. There the needs of the children and the love for them come first.

“We constantly invest the funds we gain from the business in it and thus achieve a competitive advantage. Our main goal is to continuously invest in the business and increase the workload, in terms of following the new trends in school work, to be one step ahead of the competition, which means constant innovations in terms of learning techniques, appropriate material, resources, etc. . As a start-up company, the possibility of lending was reduced to a minimum. “Moznosti was one of the few institutions that saw potential in what we were doing,” said Ms Petrovska.

The professional approach of the employees and the short procedure for arranging the documentation helped us to get the necessary finances in the fastest time. That way we managed to overcome the difficult period. The first loan from the savings house was used for starting the business, and the rest were also appropriate for the purpose, i.e. for the renovation of the premises and working capital, as well as for the branding of the Center. “The cooperation started in the first year and we plan to maintain it in the long run.”