Kamceski Goran


Kamceski Goran

Family business with a long tradition The client Kamceski Goran comes from a family that is traditionally engaged in agriculture. The activity was started by his mother, and later it was taken over and successfully performed by his sons.

Namely, the client is engaged in outdoor gardening as the main activity and growing cereals as a secondary activity. Part of the activity is performed on its own land, and part uses land leased. It is a classic family business, i.e. all family members are involved in the process of performing the activity. Each member has its own role in carrying out agricultural activities, which reduces labor costs to a minimum and all this has a positive impact on profitability.

The profitable operation of the client enables him to continuously invest in the activity with procurement and renewal of fixed assets, and the goal is to be able to have the complete mechanization for smooth operation. The client cultivates large areas of land which leads to a reduction of certain fixed costs. Crops are not based on just one crop, i.e. the risk of the market price is reduced by sowing several vegetable crops, such as potatoes, peppers, onions. In addition to these horticultural crops, the arable land is completed with grain crops.

“The cooperation with Moznosti was started by my mother, Kamceska Blaga. The first loan was used for the purpose of purchasing a tractor, which enabled an increase in the volume of work and had a positive impact on productivity, “said Goran. Subsequent loans were also aimed at increasing fixed assets and working capital.

From the first cooperation of the client with Moznosti Savings House, until now, there has been a continuous increase and growth of the client’s activity, which is our goal, to grow and move together with our clients. With the first loan from Moznosti, the client was able to buy the first tractor, which reduced the cost of renting mechanization services and increased productivity.

From the very beginning, the client works exclusively with Moznosti Savings House, ie since 2007, in which period the client’s mother, Kamceska Blaga, appears as a user, and later the cooperation continues with Goran. Goran and his family, with the help of the loans from Moznosti Savings House, have significantly improved their agricultural activity, and have also used loans from the HABITAT line, an energy efficiency loan for installing a solar system and central heating in the home. “I am very grateful for the help from Moznosti Savings House and I am satisfied with the service that the employees have provided me for many years,” said Goran.